The Ancient Mystics Moon + Eye Coin Purse

Designer: Yuli Scheidt

With the wisdom of the ages The Ancient Mystics Collection is a playful and modern take on the symbols of antiquity. Take your Tarot cards or runes with you in one of these textile pouches adorned with protective icons and familiars. Let the power of the ancient mystics watch over your keep sakes and heirlooms with these ceramic ring holder dishes. 

Description: Graphic Moon and Eye Coin Purse

Material: Cotton/Polyester Canvas

Style #: TSC022-MOO

Size: 6.1" x 0.7" x 5.31"

Colour: Assorted

Minimum Purchase Quantity: 3 (“ADD TO CART” click will add 3 units into your shopping cart)

FO Niagara Falls - NY

Availability: February 2016

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The Ancient Mystics Moon + Eye Coin Purse
The Ancient Mystics Moon + Eye Coin Purse